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Lim & Leon talk design inspiration

Lim & Leon talk design inspiration

Carol Lim takes inspiration from her "personal place" when designing.

The fashion star and her long-time business partner, Humberto Leon, have their work cut out helming both Kenzo and Opening Ceremony. Their fresh, on-trend creations have seen them become some of the most popular names in the industry and it's all thanks to reflecting their personalities through the pieces.

"I think for us it always starts from a personal place," Lim explained to "Now that we each have our own families, our kids have become part of the landscape too, down to functional things like, 'Oh, my gosh, this doesn't exist. We should try to make this.' It's fun because you discover things that you wouldn't really look at if you didn't have kids. It kind of opened up a whole world for us."

Leon added that they approach the creative process through the eyes of both the viewer and the consumer, making sure they keep up with popular culture throughout.

For example, the Autumn/Winter 15 collection for Opening Ceremony paid homage to Her director Spike Jonze. He helped the pair put across their vision and even let them flick through his photo archives for stimulation.

"We'd already seen some of them because they were published in magazines or he shared them with us, but this was a really in-depth look at 20 years of someone's life," Leon recalled. "Much of the content we looked at was from the 90s, so it was kind of hard to escape, but it was more the attitude of that decade that we were after in our collection than the clothes of the time."

The opportunity was made easier thanks to both Leon and Lim growing up during that decade, so they were able to adopt a "laidback approach".

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