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Lily James has had 'an eye for make-up' ever since she was a child

Lily James has had 'an eye for make-up' ever since she was a child

Lily James has "an eye for make-up" since she was four years old.

The 27-year-old actress has admitted her first memory of her as a child is applying her mother Ninette Thomson's make-up with precision instead of getting it all over her face, which is when she realised she "obviously" had a knack for applying cosmetic products and discovered she has "always" loved beauty.

She told "There are pictures of me at about four years old after putting on all of my mum's makeup while she was having a dinner. But what's amazing is I actually kind of got it all in the right places; I mean, it's terrible, but it's good. So I obviously always had an eye for make-up!"

The 'Cinderella' star - who was announced as the ambassador for the British fashion house earlier this year and has fronted the beauty campaign for the brand's latest scent My Burberry Black - has admitted Burberry's new perfume is her "signature scent", which she wears "every day", and the designer label's cosmetic products are an essential part of her make-up kit.

Speaking about her beauty essentials, she said: "Fragrance - I wear it every day. My Burberry Black is my signature scent. Make-up-wise, it's mascara, contour pen, eyebrow definer, and lip balm. I tend to use Burberry makeup as it's great for a nude look.

"My hair has been colored a lot, so I use a lot of hair treatments and masks. I always take my makeup off before I go to sleep. And I love skin spritzes and great moisturizer."

And Lily has admitted she "goes to work" on her applying perfume because she sprays at least 10 squirts on her person.

Speaking previously about where she sprays her scent, she said: "I wear it heavy and big. I spray it all around the room, on my chest, on my neck, on my wrists...everywhere. I really go to work. Maybe like six to ten sprays!

"I love the glamour of spraying on perfume. It's so sensual ... Smell is powerful; it instantly opens up my memory and reminds me of a person, a place, or a time."