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Lily Collins was 'apprehensive' about changing her hair colour

Lily Collins was 'apprehensive' about changing her hair colour

Lily Collins was "apprehensive" about changing her hair colour.

The 27-year-old actress - who had to dye her locks for an upcoming project - has admitted she didn't want to go ahead with the drastic beauty transformation because she had "other commitments", although she has warmed to her new do because her cropped bob is always changing colour.

Speaking to about the beauty overhaul, she said: "It's funny - in the beginning, I was apprehensive and didn't want to do it, because I had other commitments, and then I just dove in. The woman who did the colour did an incredible job because it changes colour in the light. It goes purple to watermelon to pink to red."

And the 'Love, Rosie' star's opinion has taken a complete U-turn, and Lily has now admitted she wants to remain a red head forever.

She explained: "I would love to keep it as long as I can because I think it's really fun. And the more you wash it, the brighter it gets, so it starts changing colour even more."

Meanwhile Lily has revealed she never used to experiment with her make-up and would shy away from wearing bold cosmetic products, but her new bold tresses have encouraged her to wear brighter lipsticks.

She said: "Well, now with my hair I haven't experimented at all, but I love the colour I have on today. I used to love dark orchid colours. I'm really pale-skinned, so I guess dark really works.

"It's funny--I used to mute my own colour because it's so bright, and now I've gone the exact opposite. I like the contrast of the skin tone and having it be bold."

And Lily - who was named the ambassador for Lancôme in 2013 and starred in the beauty brand's #LoveYourAge campaign last year - has teamed up with the cosmetic house's newest ambassador Taylor Hill for an upcoming project with Lancôme.

Lily shared a picture of her and Taylor behind the scenes of a Lancôme's photoshoot, which she captioned: "What a beautiful, energetic day of shooting with Lancôme's newest ambassadress. Welcome to the family Taylor! #lilyloveslancome#thanksforthememoriesBarcelona (sic)."