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Lily Collins 'loves' face masks

Lily Collins 'loves' face masks

Lily Collins "loves" face masks.

The 27-year-old actress has admitted she is a "big" fan of pampering herself with the facial treatment, but was "a little nervous" to sample any new beauty products whilst she was in Korea because she was shooting and was cautious about trialling anything that could be detrimental to the filming process.

Speaking about the beauty hacks she picked up from the country, she said: "Well, I'm a big face mask person--I love Lancôme's face masks--and it was just so interesting to walk around and see all the different ones they have in Korea.

"They have animal-shaped ones, superhero ones, and the names are hilarious. Skincare is such a huge part of their daily life there. They have eight or nine processes of putting on different products, so I was just fascinated with walking around and seeing all of them. I was filming, so I was a little nervous to try anything new, but the fashion there is so cool too.

"Same with Tokyo - anything goes. I love the little schoolgirl look. They do it so well. Nothing is odd there."

"I mean, self-expression in fashion and beauty is whatever you want it to be, and I appreciate that, and they have such an acceptance of differences. You'll see a lot of barely there make-up and a bold red lip, and that's it. It is quite striking. It was interesting to immerse myself in that world."

Meanwhile, the red headed beauty has hinted it takes her a long time to perfect a dark lipstick.

She told "Believe me - when I'm putting make-up on and I do a dark lip myself, I'm the first to admit how long it takes me. It's a process, but you feel accomplished when it's done."

And the 'Love, Rosie' star has revealed she drinks through a straw so not to smudge her rouge pout.

She said: "I guess just being more aware that you have it on.

"Eat really carefully. Use a straw."