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Lili Sumner: Don't mimic me

Lili Sumner: Don't mimic me

Lili Sumner finds it annoying when people copy her.

The blonde model is recognisable thanks to her striking features, including a gap-toothed smile. Her looks and style have landed her big jobs over the years including walking for Saint Laurent, Max Mara and Marc Jacobs, and they've also garnered her loyal followers.

"I guess a good compliment is when someone copies you, but it’s also the worst compliment, because it’s so annoying, you know?" she told Refinery29. "When strangers on the street stop and - well, it doesn’t really happen in England, in London, because people are a little shyer, but in New York, I find people often stop you and say like, 'Hey, I really like what you’re wearing.' That’s always nice."

She describes her taste in clothing as "kooky" and was inspired by fashion in strange films when growing up. To find her perfect outfit Lili shops in vintage stores, and it isn't just movies that affect her choices.

"Music influences my mood, but not like the particular aesthetic," she added. "But I’ve been listening to lots of psychedelic 60s-sounding stuff. Like Can or Silver Apples."

Lili also spoke about what it's like behind the scenes in the fashion industry. Many people assume it's exclusive and that the girls are catty, but the star insists that isn't the case. She feels lucky to have formed a close circle of friends that she works with regularly.

"I’ve met a lot of my good friends from doing Saint Laurent, for some reason - I guess [creative director] Hedi [Slimane] has good taste in people - and then we end up doing a lot of other jobs together as well. We stay together during Fashion Week and that kind of stuff," she smiled.

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