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Lida Fox: I love moaning with models

Lida Fox: I love moaning with models

Fashion star Lida Fox knows she found a great group of model friends because they all feel comfortable moaning to each other constantly.

The model regularly walks for Saint Laurent, which is where she’s become close to a number of other big names from her industry. She counts Grace Hartzel, Lili Sumner and Julia Cumming among her close pals, and has revealed how she knew they were true friends.

“It is nice in general because we already have all the same interests, and then Saint Laurent brought us together, and then we all just got along really well from the start,” she told “We are almost more of a family. We are so comfortable around each other now that we just b**ch about everything to each other all the time - there are no qualms about anything.”

They have also bonded because they enjoy throwing caution to the wind together. This summer (15) Lida flew to Los Angeles on a whim after one of her pals invited her to a music festival. It ended up being a great decision because a lot of their other companions were there.

The group are fiends for music, which is why this was the perfect getaway. They go to concerts together as much as possible and their favourite songs have become a lifestyle, with Lida describing Julia as “a punk rocker and she’s f**king cool”.

The Spring/Summer 16 Saint Laurent show took place at Paris Fashion Week on Monday (05Oct15) and Lida was looking forward to it immensely.

“Whenever the show happens, it is a big reunion. Especially in Paris, everyone goes insane,” she laughed ahead of the event. “The photos I take are just a diary of what we’ve been up to, otherwise I think I’d forget so much of what happens!”

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