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Leslie Jones will auction off her Ghostbusters dress

Leslie Jones will auction off her Ghostbusters dress

Leslie Jones is set to auction off her 'Ghostbusters' dress.

The 48-year-old actress - who plays Patty Tolan in the all-female reboot of the 1984 classic - is planning to sell or donate the red bardot gown she adorned at the movie's premiere to make the younger generation "feel good".

Speaking about the plans for the garment, fashion designer Christian Siriano - who responded to Leslie's Twitter plea to find someone to make her dress - told PEOPLE: "She's going to auction the dress off I think or donate it to - she works with a bunch of young theater kids.

"So hopefully we do something with it for like the younger generation so they feel good."

And the 'Project Runway' alumni - who won the fourth series of the competitive show in 2008 - has revealed the inspiration for the masterpiece was Julia Roberts in the 1990 romantic comedy 'Pretty Woman'.

Speaking about his style muse, he said: "It wasn't really at first and then we were like, 'Oh well, maybe we can make it red and we'll have our 'Pretty Woman' moment,' and it kind of just turned into that."

Although Leslie is planning to discard Christian's showstopper, the pair are already in talks to collaborate again in the future.

The 30-year-old creative mastermind explained: "We're going to do a couple of things for another thing that she's doing."

"I just love her and I'm a huge SNL fan. I've dressed some of the other women on the show. It just was easy, I thought it was amazing to make something for her and also I was very excited for 'Ghostbusters' in general, so it just all worked out."

And Christian has teased he is already working on his new fashion collection in preparation for Fashion Week, which will kick off in September this year.