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LeAnn Rimes gets 'bored' of working out

LeAnn Rimes gets 'bored' of working out

LeAnn Rimes gets "bored" of working out.

The 33-year-old singer songwriter has admitted she gets fed up with exercising, and used to dread completing a work out when she used to do it to lose weight, although she has begun to enjoy fitness more now it is focused on her health.

She said: "I get bored really easily with working out.

"I really didn't like working out when I was doing it to look a certain way, but now I'm focusing more on my health it's so much easier and I find things I like to do."

And the 'How Do I Live' hitmaker has revealed she enjoys weightlifting and jumping around on a "rebounder" for 20 minutes

Speaking about her fitness regime to Very magazine, the blonde beauty said: "I have this little rebounder thing, like a trampoline but a small one, and I get on it for 20 minutes and it's the happiest thing in the world. It's also a kick-a** workout!

"I like to box, do yoga, Pilates and I like weightlifting and circuit training."

Meanwhile, LeAnn - who is currently married to 'Sunset Beach' actor Eddie Cibrian and is stepmother to his two sons Jake, nine, and Mason, 13 - has confessed she would "love" to walk around in the nude because she is a lot happier in her body.

LeAnn - who battled with the skin condition psoriasis during her childhood, which left her skin dry, red and flaky - explained: "I grew up with psoriasis my whole life. I was 80 per cent covered by the time I was six years old, so it was miserable. My whole childhood I never wanted to be in a bathing suit, ever.

"Now, if I could walk around naked I would. I've been on medication for the last 12 years and that has changed my life."