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Lauren Pope only trusts working with her family

Lauren Pope only trusts working with her family

Lauren Pope has "connected" better with her family since she recruited them to work for Hair Rehab London.

The 33-year-old former 'The Only Way Is Essex' star - who has built up her beauty empire for over nine years - has admitted she finds it "difficult" to trust people in business and consequently hired her father, her two sisters and her best friend to join her "close team" and work alongside her, which has strengthened their relationship.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz about having her relatives as her colleagues, the blonde beauty said: "I love it. I feel like it's brought us all closer together. My dad joined I'd say about four years, maybe a bit more, one sister two years and the other sister has just been with us the past year. Just because the company was going and we needed extra staff.

"Not that I'm a paranoid person but I think it's quite difficult especially when it comes to business to trust people, so I like to keep the core team as close family and long term friends.

"One of my best friends of 20 years he was working, he had a lot of salon experience and he works with us now and he deals with all the trade side of things. His sister works with us in the office too. So it's all people that are family or closely connected.

"It's like a running joke in the office that at one point we are going to have to hire people that aren't part of our family, but for now it works."

And the DJ-come-entrepreneur has revealed she intends to keep the business in the family and hopes to employ her nieces in the future

Lauren quipped: "My sisters have got kids they are like five and seven, so I'm thinking soon enough they'll be joining."

Meanwhile, Lauren Pope has currently collaborated with the Irish brand Vavavoom and compiled an edit of her favourite pieces, and is set to offer business advice on Wednesday (18.05.16) in Exeter as part of Radio One's Academy.