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Laura Mulleavy talks Rodarte's ambitions

Laura Mulleavy talks Rodarte's ambitions

Laura Mulleavy views shops as personal jewellery boxes.

The designer and her sister Kate are the pair behind fashion house Rodarte, which they've built up together over the last ten years. Neither of them studied design at college, instead they honed their eye watching horror films which both believe taught them a lot about structure.

They have big plans for the future, including opening boutiques when the time is right.

"That’s something that we would definitely consider in the future because you can turn it into the jewel box of your world," Laura told "A store is always an amazing opportunity, so it’s definitely something we would consider if we could."

Although some wouldn't want to shout about having no training, the sisters don't mind discussing it. They joked it was probably very obvious when they first met with fashion executives, as they were petrified of getting something from and made a lot of mistakes.

It was a real fast-track approach to the big time, with Kate and Laura initially jetting to New York City with ten finished pieces and then finding themselves talking to US Vogue's Anna Wintour. It meant they had to learn fast, and they are thankful for the help they received along the way.

"We learnt as we went and made up a way that worked for us. Over the years, through different mentorship programs [such as the Council of Fashion Designers of America], we’ve learnt the systems. But I also think that by not knowing those things, we’ve come up with a business that’s really tailored to how we work and what we offer," Laura explained.

She added that what works well at Rodarte is how she and Kate complement each other, with Laura the calm one and Kate more sensitive. They call fashion an "intense" industry, joking that one of the first things they learnt around show season was that no one will have time to sleep.

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