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Laura Mercier: I don't get star-struck

Laura Mercier: I don't get star-struck

Laura Mercier would never want to be a celebrity.

The make-up artist has huge clients, working on Madonna and campaigns for the likes of The Gap and Chanel.

While the French star is happy to be a part of high-profile projects, she'd never want to be the one in the limelight.

"I’d never, ever want to be a celebrity," she shuddered to when asked who she would be, if she had the choice.

"Perhaps I’d choose to be a painter from a great era who was respected."

Laura has previously admitted she also had no desire to work with A-listers, but then ended up being hired by the Queen of Pop herself. At least the experience means she's now cool and collected around anyone, no matter their status.

"I’m not the groupie type anyway but once I’d worked with Madonna I was cured of any sense of being star struck," she smiled.

Laura Mercier artists are huge news in the fashion world and used on runways such as Marchesa. Maybe the beautician's success is down to the piece of advice she was once given.

"Whatever you do in life for work, try to be the best at it. I really think that if you try to excel, you’ll get more out of everything," she shared of her top tip.

So it all comes down to hard work and a little bit of fate. For Laura, the defining moment was when she realised she could turn her love of painting into a career.

"Once I’d decided on this path I went to cosmetic school and studied beauty," she explained.

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