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Laura Hagested's Balenciaga dress brings back fond memories

Laura Hagested's Balenciaga dress brings back fond memories

Laura Hagested’s Balenciaga dress reminds her of the amazing experience she had walking for the brand.

The 20-year-old fashion star was plucked by the label’s former creative director Alexander Wang to take to showcase the brand's bold monochrome ensembles on the catwalk during the F/W 15 season. She didn’t leave the event empty handed though as she managed to take one piece home with her as a souvenir from the event.

“For the sake of the story I must also mention a black silk and wool wrap dress from Balenciaga that I got for walking the show a year and a half ago - one of my first big international shows,” she recalled to W magazine. “I remember finishing a regular school day to travel to Paris and within a few hours finding myself talking to Alexander Wang himself at the fitting.

"On the catwalk the day, I caught a glimpse of Kanye (West) out the corner of my eye. I don't wear the dress very often, but it holds good memories.”

The Danish star recalled her first ever show while talking to the publication too, admitting she was “sweating immensely” when she opened the Kopenhagen Fur show at Copenhagen Fashion Week two years ago. Despite her nerves and “terrified catwalk face” while strutting in extremely high heels, Laura didn’t trip up once, dubbing this a success.

Away from work the blonde beauty prefers easier-to-wear shoes, though that doesn’t stop her love of stilettos.

“I hardly ever wear anything but sneakers since comfort is my main priority when it comes to shoes, but if I had all the money in the world (and an office job allowing me to sit down most of my time) my feet would be covered in Miu Miu, Marni and Gucci,” she laughed, adding that her go-to nighttime fashion look is skinny trousers and sneakers allowing her to dance.

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