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Lara Worthington teases new beauty product

Lara Worthington teases new beauty product

Lara Worthington can't wait to unveil a secret new product she claims will make women's lives "easier".

The Australian model launched her skincare label The Base in November 2014 and has continued to work on it alongside her other ventures, including becoming the face of Tiffany & Co.

While she remained tight-lipped on details, Lara did promise the upcoming offering would be innovative with what it has to offer customers.

"I'm developing a product now that I'm obsessed with," she revealed to The Sydney Morning Herald. "I can't tell you what it is - it's too far down the line. But I'm so excited about it because it's going to make women's lives so much easier."

The 29-year-old shares sons Rocket, two, and Racer, who was born in October 2016, with her actor husband Sam Worthington. And she admits that juggling parenthood with her business commitments is often a fine art.

"The beauty of technology and Wi-Fi means I can work anywhere in the world," said the blonde star. "It's like a virtual office. I have a routine and work when my boys are sleeping. The time difference is a little challenging sometimes but I have a fantastic team of people in Australia that work with that. I'm always impressed with women who have a great work-life balance, and it's something I'm certainly working on."

Lara also touched upon her collaboration with American jewellery company Tiffany & Co. on its HardWear range. She worked with her photographer friend Shane Sakkeus on the project, shooting it in New York City and using stills from the film shot on his iPhone for print ads.

"I wanted to capture lots of close-up shots of the jewellery, the spirit, and soul of New York City and that power and fierce feminine feeling I get when I wear Tiffany jewellery, which I think we captured," she smiled.

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