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Lara Worthington: 'Surfing beats spinning'

Lara Worthington: 'Surfing beats spinning'

Lara Worthington prefers to hit the water and surf than working out at the gym.

The Australian model, who is currently expecting baby number two with her actor husband Sam Worthington, is known for her blonde hair and sun-kissed skin. Staying in shape comes part and parcel with being a model, but 28-year-old Lara prefers outside sports rather than a conventional gym session.

“Yoga, walking, running and I do some light weights,” she told Australia’s InStyle magazine. “I love the ocean, and swimming and surfing and even wakeboarding. I love anything to do with the water and being outside. I’d prefer to do that than go to the gym these days.”

It was during the chat with InStyle that Lara confirmed her pregnancy, after months of speculation. She and Sam already have a son, Rocket, who they welcomed in 2015.

On the subject of Avatar star Sam’s fathering skills Lara, who's maiden name was Bingle, admits he’s a great dad because he’s never lost his childlike mindset.

“He’s a big kid,” she laughed. “He and Rocket dress up in Superman outfits. He’s more of a kid than me. I’m the one who makes the dinners and things like that. He’s the joker.”

For the accompanying photoshoot Lara wears an array of outfits on the beach; from a chunky jumper with only her underwear on, to a sleek low-cut black dress with long sleeves.

The dark shade tends to be Lara’s colour of choice when it comes to her wardrobe, with the model referring to her clothes as a “uniform”.

“I wear a lot of black and things that are very tailored and structured,” she shared. “It’s like a uniform for me. Unless I’m going somewhere, I don’t wear heels. I don’t venture into too many colours or prints. My wardrobe is very tonal, black-and-white and khaki.”

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