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Lara Stone: Coco Chanel is timeless

Lara Stone: Coco Chanel is timeless

Lara Stone rates Coco Chanel for being streets ahead of her time.

Fashion icon Coco started her eponymous label in 1909, and more than a hundred years later it still rules the runways as one of the world's most admired brands. Model Lara is a Chanel regular, working with creative director Karl Lagerfeld on both campaigns and the catwalk.

"Did you see Coco in her tweeds in Scotland?" Lara asked Britain's ES Magazine. "She was streets ahead of her time - incredibly ground-breaking. You could easily be wearing that today. It’s an outfit that’s nearly 100 years old and yet it’s got this strong sense of personality and aesthetic."

Chanel is the subject of a new exhibition at London's Saatchi Gallery, titled Mademoiselle Privé. The display is a journey through the brand's creation, showcasing both Coco and Karl's charismatic personalities.

"What I particularly like is that anyone can make Chanel work for them," Lara continued. "Take one of its famous tweed suits: a lawyer or banker might wear it; or you could wear the jacket with jeans and a T-shirt."

Fellow model Alice Dellal may be more known for her edgy personal style, but admits she's a massive fan of a Chanel two-piece. She steers away from looking too twee when she wears one though, adding different elements of her own trends to complete the look.

"But obviously I need to mix it up with my own stuff," she noted. "Pink is my favourite colour; I don’t usually wear coloured outfits but I do love pink. I’ve also recently become obsessed with the two-tone Chanel slingbacks, which remind me of my grandmother. Worn with jeans that are cut above the ankle, they look so... pretty."

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