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Lagerfeld's tough mother

Lagerfeld's tough mother

Karl Lagerfeld's mother used to tell him he looked like her - but not as good.

The Chanel designer transformed the label's Spring/Summer 15 show into a feminist protest in Paris last October, with models coming down the runway chanting and waving placards. This was in reference to his mother, who was a big believer in championing women's rights.

"My mother, you know, she thought women should be alive… she would always tell the men around her how things should be done. She was very tough, and very nasty. My father was very sweet and her victim. My father found exactly the wife that was not for him. He could never relax," he told The Cut, before being asked which parent he takes after.

"I am more like my mother. She used to say, 'You look like me but not as good.' And this is just the kind of line I use."

Last night Karl presented the label's Métiers d’Art show in New York City; the same collection which debuted in Salzburg last year. It may not have been a completely fresh show but no-one told the A-list, with Julianne Moore, Beyoncé Knowles, Pharrell Williams, Dakota Johnson, Vanessa Paradis with daughter Lily-Rose Depp, Patti Smith, Geraldine Chaplin and Lily Collins all attending. They will all likely be excited by the announcement that Chanel is to launch e-commerce next year.

The designer was quizzed on how he keeps things fresh given the huge amount of collections he creates - he has his own label and heads up Fendi too. Although Karl does feel inspired at times, he prefers to imagine what certain places could offer him fashion wise rather than visit them himself.

"I have a girl who works for me who is from Korea, and she is afraid — she says we are not Korean enough, and I say I don’t want to be Korean. Forget about your folklore. I can take a few inspirations, but I can certainly not do an homage. That’s not my trip. I’m a fashion vampire. I take what I need and I leave the rest," he explained.

"I have kind of flashes in my mind and I try to put them on paper. Thinking? No. That is too serious. I am kind of good with words, so I could tell you a complicated story about inspiration or whatever, but no. In fact, I don’t even know myself. That is the big secret of the story. That there is no story."

The star also touched on his pampered cat Choupette, who has become almost as famous as he is. She has several maids who attend to her every whim, with Karl revealing she also has a full bank balance. The feline earned three million Euros from two jobs last year.

"One was for cars in Germany and the other was for a Japanese beauty product. I don’t allow her to do foodstuffs and things like this. She’s too sophisticated for that," he added.

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