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Lagerfeld's assistant: Karl's a genius

Lagerfeld's assistant: Karl's a genius

Karl Lagerfeld’s brain is greater than all the computers in the world, according to his private secretary.

Sébastien Jondeau is often seen with fashion heavyweight Karl, and has been working with him for the past few years. Most of his day is spent with the Chanel and Fendi boss, and Sébastien knows best how much Karl puts into his work.

“Karl is a hard worker. He's always doing something. We're working on a collection for Chanel or Fendi or Lagerfeld; he's a photographer - there are so many things. Karl's brain is greater than all the computers in the world,” Sébastien gushed to US Harper’s Bazaar.

“Sometimes I think, ‘What the f**k? How does he do all of this?’”

Sébastien’s good looks haven’t gone unnoticed by the fashion community, and many publications have raved about how “hot” he is. Karl has even cast him in campaigns and had him walk the runway.

If life wasn’t busy enough for Sébastien, the Frenchman also works as Karl’s bodyguard.

“I have three lives: my own; my second life, with Karl; and my third life, with my girlfriend. It's very important that I do my sport - I run - because I have to protect Karl. If I don't, I feel I'm not as good as I used to be.

“I remember years ago, when Karl and I were at the CFDA Awards. PETA people started throwing things at him. I knocked one of the guys to the ground. It was crazy,” he recalled.

“By the way, Choupette [Karl’s cat] doesn't have to worry about security. She never goes outside, unless she's travelling with us. No risks for her! When I'm done with work, I have some time for a private life. “

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