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Lagerfeld: Fashion's least lazy designer

Lagerfeld: Fashion's least lazy designer

Karl Lagerfeld thinks feeling proud means you should retire.

The German designer is a multitasking master as he helms Fendi, Chanel and his eponymous label all at once. Although he has received countless praise for his luxurious, on-trend offerings, Karl is adamant he'll never sit back and revel in his success.

"Am I happy? Yes, but the minute I do something, I forget about it. Anyway, I might change my mind and that means the fittings we saw never existed. You can only talk about things when they are final. I was happy, but now we have to be happy about the next thing," he told the British edition of Harper's Bazaar.

"I never feel proud. I always hope the next collection will be better. That I can still improve. When you start to be proud then you'd better retire. Fashion is like showbusiness. It's all about the next show."

It wasn't long ago that Karl celebrated 50 years of running Fendi with a show at Paris Couture Week, showcasing the brand's most luxurious pieces on the catwalk. Lots of fur coats made their way down the runway and the cost of one piece is thought to be a staggering €1 billion.

Despite its lavishness, Karl doesn't want to divulge the inspiration behind it.

"That is something I hate today. People say, 'We do the 60s or the 70s or the 80s.' No, no. It was just something in the air," he dismissed the question. "I don't glue a sticker on it. The idea is what you saw: techniques and volume."

Another thing Karl doesn't feel the need to share is who the ideal Fendi woman is, as he thinks it's pretentious. However he does see her as modern with a big budget.

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