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Kylie Jenner will restock Kylie Cosmetics next week

Kylie Jenner will restock Kylie Cosmetics next week

Kylie Jenner is set to "restock" her Kylie Cosmetics range next week.

The 18-year -old entrepreneur - who has built up her beauty empire over two years - has announced she is set to have another full supply of her Lip Kit By Kylie products, which will include her "glosses", metallic shades and matte lipstick with lip liner duo, in the coming days following the sell-out success of the products.

Kylie shared the news on her Twitter account, writing: "Next lip kit restock is next week, updates are on my app."

The restock comes ahead of the Kylie Cosmetics e-store launching a redesigned version of her makeup range, which will see amendments made to the matte "formula" and modifications to the wand.

The 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star recently shared a video, which was broadcast over her Snapchat, to the beauty brand's Instagram account to showcase the updated alterations to her products.

In the footage, Kylie said: "This will be ready just in time for the next launch, so you will only be seeing these from now on."

And with talks of a replenished stock comes the perfect time to make an update to her sales website, which the brunette beauty has admitted she has been working on since the e-store has continually crashed on customers due to the volume of traffic from people desperate to snap up her products..

Kylie previously revealed: "I'm going to change our holding page and find an alternative that still keeps my site up and running."