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Kylie Jenner is 'scared' of eyelash curlers

Kylie Jenner is 'scared' of eyelash curlers

Kylie Jenner is "scared" of eyelash curlers.

The 18-year-old 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star has admitted she is terrified "every time" she uses the beauty product that accentuates the curve of her eyelashes and appear to open her eyes, which she announced via social media on Monday (11.07.16).

The brunette beauty took to Snapchat to reveal her favourite cosmetics, beauty tips and fears.

Whilst Kylie is clamping down on her lashes, she said: "Scares me every time."

And she has revealed she coats her eyelashes in two different shades of mascara for a "softer look".

In the clip, she said: "I use brown mascara on the lower lashes for a softer look".

And the television personality revealed the beauty hacks she has picked up from make-up artist Mario Dedivanovic, which sees her soak her blotting sponge under the tap to achieve a smooth application of foundation.

She explained: "Mario [Dedivanovic] told me to get your blender extra wet so that your powder doesn't go cakey."

The youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner family then applies Benefit's Hoola bronzer to her chiselled cheekbones.

Speaking about the powder, she said: "Love the bronzer."

And the teen entrepreneur - who launched her make-up brand Kylie Cosmetics two years ago - has admitted she will "always" apply a lip liner to contour her lips before applying lipgloss to her plump pout.

Meanwhile, Kylie - who recently reconciled her relationship with Tyga - was left concerned when she discovered a silvery strand among her dark locks, especially as her mother Kris Jenner's hair began to change at a fairly young age too.

Speaking previously, she said: "Oh my God! Take it out."

She then showed off the hair as she addressed her fans directly. She said: "You guys, my first grey hair. I think my mom got grey hairs in her early '20s."