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Kylie Jenner adds new lipstick to Kylies Cosmetics range

Kylie Jenner adds new lipstick to Kylies Cosmetics range

Kylie Jenner will launch a new lipstick for Kylies Cosmetics on Friday.

The 18-year-old businesswoman - who has been building up her beauty empire for two years - has revealed she is expanding her make-up range with her "favourite nude" shade called Exposed, which will be available to buy on her e-store tomorrow.

The big unveil of her latest cosmetic product will also see another full restock of her Lip Kit By Kylie products, which will include her matte lipstick with lip liner duo Candy K, Koko K, Kourt K, Dolce K , Posy K, Mary Jo K, 22 and True Brown K as well as her metals Reign, King K and Heir.

The brunette beauty announced the news on Snapchat on Thursday (12.05.16), she said: "This Friday I am launching Exposed my new nude colour and I am going to come back with my original mattes and my metals. And I always post the time on my app, so watch out for the time.

"This is my newest colour called exposed and I am going to release it this Friday.

"This Friday stay tuned and I have been working with so many new stuff and cool stuff for Kylies Cosmetics you guys are going to die."

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star showcased the natural lip liner and matte lipstick, which is a lighter hue than Dolce K, on her Snapchat story. She captioned the snippet of her plump lips: "My favorite nude (sic)."

However, the TV personality has recently adapted the matte formula to the matte texture range and has made modifications to the products wand, which will only be sold.

Speaking previously, she said: "This will be ready just in time for the next launch, so you will only be seeing these from now on."