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KStewart changes her outfit 'four times a day'

KStewart changes her outfit 'four times a day'

KStewart used to change her outfit "four times a day".

The 21-year-old singer songwriter has admitted she used to be obsessed with cargo pants when she was younger and has revealed she would have to alternate her ensemble regularly throughout the day.

Speaking about her fashion fixations, she said: "Cargo Pants. I was really into them when I was younger. I used to change my outfit at least four times a day back then."

And the brunette beauty has revealed she is a shopaholic.

She explained: "I feel like I shop too much, but when I see a celebrity wearing an amazing designer dress and then a shop comes up with their version of it for a tiny amount of the price, I think: 'That's amazing.'

"I love buying new stuff and putting outfits together.

"Last week I thought: 'I need something to wear for my show,' so I bought loads and took it all home to try on. I said I was going to take it all back afterwards ... I didn't though. So the chances of stuff going back is not high.

"If I know what I need to get, I can go in and get it quickly - but then I can also see another sic things that I don't need.

"I've got so much stuff, I'm actually getting a new cupboard built. I don't want to give any of it away because I will wear it at some point."

KStewart - whose real name is Kate Stewart - blames her friend's mother for influencing her bad shopping habit.

Speaking about her first retail therapy experience to magazine, she said: "I went with one of my friends and her mum. It's her mum's fault that I got into Topshop. She took us to the big one on oxford Street and I fell in love!"