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Kit Willow: Fashion should be ethical

Kit Willow: Fashion should be ethical

Kit Willow is proud of her new label because it proves that women can look fabulous without harming the planet.

The Australian designer launched her ethical ready-to-wear label KITX earlier this year (15), after departing her namesake label in 2013. Kit considered declining natural resources and the toxicity of cotton before designing a new collection, and also investigated how dumped materials can be recycled into new textiles.

"I strongly believe in a better world,” she told “Through the simple mantra of making women look and feel beautiful, without harming our planet, so everyone can win.

"My previous brand, Willow, always had this philosophy applied towards packaging but never material sourcing as I had no idea of its impact. I discovered in September 2013 that materials in fashion have the greatest cost on the planet. I was so curious and determined to understand and do something about it, so when I departed Willow in that year I knew that founding a creative-led fashion brand that sources materials consciously was the only way forward."

Kit decided to set up another label after leaving Willow – a brand she established herself – having previously revealed she was “devastated” when it was bought by her former partners, Apparel Group.

Now she is fully focused on KITX, which features pieces made from discarded plastics and fabrics. Her new label is attracting a great deal of attention following a successful showroom presence at Paris Fashion Week and Kit intends to continue to “send vibrations globally”.

While she is proud to be making a difference, the ethical designer hopes more names in the industry will begin to share her vision.

"I commend all moving in this direction, however the market is certainly not over flooded with high fashion sourcing consciously," she added. "There is a huge opportunity for more brands to embrace this without compromising style and desirability of their brand and product."

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