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Kim Kardashian West indulges in chocolate covered peanut butter cups

Kim Kardashian West indulges in chocolate covered peanut butter cups

Kim Kardashian West indulged in chocolate covered peanut butter cups, according to dietician Colette Heimowitz.

The 35-year-old 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star - who has dropped over 60 lbs in six months whilst on the Atkins diet - has followed the protein rich eating plan since giving birth to her six-month-old son Saint in December, although she has a "sweet tooth" and will feast on cereal bars and chocolate treats to satisfy her cravings.

The vice president of nutrition and education at Atkins told US Weekly online about the Armenian beauty's diet plan, she said: "Kim ate an egg, cheese and vegetable omelette for breakfast. Then she would have a snack of either Greek yoghurt and berries and almonds, or hummus and peppers. For lunch, it would typically be a turkey burger with salad and pickled onions. Typical dinner would be zucchini noodles with spicy chicken sausage.

"She always has breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between. The meals always have some kind of protein that's fish or meat or chicken, always has lots of colourful vegetables, always has healthy fats and depending on how the rest of the day goes, she will have a little side of brown rice or a little bit of a potato.

"Atkins has these Harvest Trail bars - fruit and nut bars - that are convenient. She puts them in her bag and they're always available. For a sweet tooth, she loves the Indulge chocolate covered peanut butter cups."

Although the mother of two - who has three-year-old North and Saint with rapper husband Kanye West - is planning to shed an extra 10 lbs to reach her target post-baby weight, she will continue to follow the healthy eating routine because it has become part of her lifestyle.

Colette explained: "She's making Atkins a lifestyle now. It's not like when you lose weight and go back to what you ate. She's looking so good and eating so well. It helped her rejuvenate - after pregnancy, the body goes through a lot and you need those kinds of macronutrients to get back your health and your strength. She feels so great that she will continue this way of eating."

However, Kim first learnt how to diet with her late father Robery Kardashian and followed the plan prior to his death in 2003.

Colette said: "She did the diet with her father. So she had this cherished memory of doing something with her dad and she was very successful with it. He taught her how to do it."