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Kim Kardashian West 'always' applies foundation to the back of her neck

Kim Kardashian West 'always' applies foundation to the back of her neck

Kim Kardashian West "always" applies foundation to the back of her neck.

The 35-year-old 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star has admitted she covers her plumped pout with the make-up base, and continues to use the product on the back of her neck and on her hairline to ensure her skin tone matches everywhere.

The Armenian beauty shared her beauty tips in a video on her website, which was also posted on YouTube, which saw the television personality share her make-up routine.

In the clip she said: "Do I use a Chanel foundation or an Armani? I think I'll use Armani. I always put it on my hand first because my body is darker. Does anybody else put foundation all over their lips? Always make sure you get the back of your neck. God, the pressure of getting ready so fast in front of you.

"Usually what I do is leave my hair out of my face if I need to be fast.

"Ok, so I am going to contour. I mix a few now. I always start with my forehead and the hair line, You have to go in the hairline a little bit. Especially because my face is so much more pale than my body. So I go just on the perimeter of the hairline, it makes your forehead look smaller too. "

And the television personality - who is married to rapper Kanye West with who she has three-year-old daughter North and nine-month-old son Saint - has revealed she uses a base coat of Giorgio Armani's "shimmer stuff" to give her a "little extra glow".

She explained: "So I've started my foundation. So I am going to do two different things, I'm going to use Giorgio Armani it's this sheer shimmer stuff, it's been in my bag for a while. So this just adds shimmer underneath the foundation because I just love a little extra glow."

The 'Selfish' author has admitted she uses concealer around her mouth and smile lines as well as around her nose to fill in the wrinkles she believes she is developing.

She said: "Lately, as I'm getting older I'm getting lines here [around the mouth area] so I just fill it in with a little concealer. And it really does the job. A little down my nose. "

However Kim then takes to her eye area and has admitted she struggles to keep her mouth closed when she is applying mascara to her lashes.

Speaking about her beauty struggle, she said: "I do my mascara and I cannot keep my mouth closed.

"I like to layer mascaras when I don't do lashes, but I love a clumpy bottom. I really love a clumpy bottom. It just makes your lashes look more full."