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Kim Jones on latest 'personal' line

Kim Jones on latest 'personal' line

Kim Jones' tribute collection to Christopher Nemeth is "very personal".

The Louis Vuitton menswear designer has been fascinated by the late fashion icon since he was a teenager and feted his life in his Autumn/Winter 15 line.

Kim took prints directly from Christopher's archives and matched them with modern takes on his aesthetic. He recalled the first time he was introduced to the designer's offerings and how inspired he felt straight away.

"The first time I ever saw Chris Nemeth’s work I was about 14 years old and I absolutely fell in love with the print,” he opened up to

“I had the good fortune to meet him [before he died]. He was a real artist, an artisan - and that’s the thing for me. I wanted to celebrate that. It’s just very personal, and fortunately it goes well with the monogram.”

With such a nostalgic collection, it might seem Kim is happy to live in the past. However, he actually has a very different take on his work and is always keen to push things forward.

"It's fine to look at the past and tradition but you have to realise that you need to exist in the future. Otherwise you're nothing," he previously explained to

"As you get older, you either get stuck in a rut or you develop a style. You refine what you like. I graduated nine years ago, but I don't think I've changed that much. It's just that everything around me changes."

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