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Kim Jones' global journey to satisfy Louis Vuitton customers

Kim Jones' global journey to satisfy Louis Vuitton customers

Kim Jones visits every Louis Vuitton store around the world to ensure his customers are satisfied.

The British designer joined the brand as artistic director of menswear in 2011 and has taken it from strength to strength ever since.

To ensure his work stays a hit with fans, Jones talks to them directly about their thoughts on the clothes.

“The motivation is really about customer satisfaction at the end of the day. It sounds really boring and commercial but it is true,” he told Vogue Australia. “I go to every store around the world even if I’m on holiday and I talk to everyone in there and ask what sells and what doesn’t and what they think is missing.”

Jones picks up inspiration for his designs during his globetrotting too, plus the influence growing up in Africa has on his creations such as scarves derived from blankets used by the Masai tribe. Nothing is off the cards for the fashion star – as long as it can relate to the label itself and its customers.

“I get to come out of myself when I’m designing, I never design for myself - and I think it’s a bit egotistical when you work in these big companies,” he noted.

He’s spent more time in Africa over recent years helping young, aspiring designers business plans and linking them with potential financiers.

“I’ve been very fortunate, so I think if you can pass that on at some point, you have to do that, and you learn from them as well,” he said of his philanthropic work.

Being raised in the continent means Jones, 37, is passionate about wildlife too as he recalls how he used to know all the animals while living in “the middle of nowhere” in West Africa. This has driven him to support wildlife conservations which protect the animals, something which he “loves” putting his name to.

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