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Kenzo Takada: Modern fashion is all the same

Kenzo Takada: Modern fashion is all the same

Kenzo Takada thinks modern fashion has lost its variety and identity.

The designer is behind the Kenzo label, which he set up in 1970 before selling to luxury goods firm LVMH in 1993. He now focuses on other areas of design, such as interiors, but still has a keen interest in what's going on in the clothing world.

"It’s changed enormously," he told the Malay Mail Online. “It’s positive, but at the same time I get nostalgic because often when I see the window displays in the street with their new collections, it can be hard to identify the designers. Before, I travelled to New York, London, Italy and Japan and the fashions were a bit different. Now you can go anywhere and see the same fashion. I think it’s great, but it lacks a bit of variety and identity.”

Although he still keeps an eye on fashion, Kenzo doesn't totally miss that world. In part that's because it can be so stressful thanks to all the collections which are now expected. There used to just be main Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter lines, but now there are things like Resort to.

The star's new take on design means he's able to try his hand at new things too. His latest offering is a range of e-cigarettes with company Liquideo, which launch this month. He came up with mint, toast, peanut butter and berries flavours, with the designer calling the collaboration a "person decision" as he used to smoke.

Design wise there are still people Kenzo admires, with Saint Laurent his favourite fashion house.

“I was lucky, because I started at the right time, in 1970, when there weren’t yet a lot of houses, or pret-a-porter,” he added. “These days it’s something else.”

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