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Kenzo's trailblazing fashion film

Kenzo's trailblazing fashion film

Kenzo's Humberto Leon wanted to do more than just a "surface" film with the label's new fashion short.

The designer is joined by Carol Lim at the helm of Kenzo, and together they have made the French fashion house the epitome of cool. To celebrate the brand's Spring 16 collection, Humberto and Carol teamed up with filmmaker Sean Baker to make short film Snowbird.

Unlike other fashion shorts that generally just feature the clothes set to a backdrop of music, Snowbird is narrative driven with model-turned-actress Abbey Lee starring.

"We wanted to look at our advertising in a new way and thought, ‘Why don’t we work with a filmmaker we admire to create a film and use the print ads as posters for the movie?’" Humberto told WWD. "There’s something nice about a fashion film that has a narrative and a point of view and feels really authentic to the director. As fans of film and culture in general, we didn’t want to do something that was just surface and visual.”

Snowbird fuses together a plot with a documentary feel, exploring a society that’s either marginalised or seen as “alternative.”

“The clothing was really secondary," Carol confessed. "It’s a freedom in terms of what those words and story inspired in Sean; there didn’t have to be a direct correlation to the clothes. We like that it’s something else.”

Sean relished working on the project, especially as it has opened up lucrative doors for him in the fashion world.

"I work in independent film, where there is no money, so this is a really nice way of paying the rent and at the same time experimenting and being able to keep it fresh and contemporary," he smiled.

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