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Kenzo launching new female fragrance

Kenzo launching new female fragrance

Kenzo’s design duo Carol Lim and Humberto Leon are gearing up for the release of their debut fragrance for the brand.

The floral-scented Kenzo World hits shelves from 8 September (16), and while the pair call the perfume process “disruptive” they also share that creating the fragrance is in sync with their global vision for the luxury brand.

“We started with probably 60 different scents, and it got narrowed down. We worked with Francis Kurkdjian, who is incredible,” Lim told WWD.

“We also started working on the bottle. We’ve developed a language and created a lot of icons for the house. The eye for us symbolises many different things: femininity and strength, protection and insight.”

The eye-shaped bottle was designed by Patrick Li, and features a streaked plastic cap and dangling gold-coloured pupil.

The accompanying advertising film was directed by Spike Jonze, and features Sarah Margaret Qualley, the daughter of actress Andie MacDowell.

When quizzed on the most fun part of developing the fragrance, the designers each had their own ideas.

“The smelling is my favourite,” Lim smiled, while Leon said, “The transformative quality of the fragrance.”

The pair adds there’s a lot more to come from Kenzo’s beauty offerings.

“This is just the beginning of where we think the brand can go,” Leon promised.

Lim and Leon also shared what media platforms they are currently focusing on, explaining there has been a shift from traditional advertising, and that social media is the way forward to get their message across.

“Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram – they all have their own purpose,” Leon said. “We grew up without social media. But we also were there for the birth of it, and we live in it and we’re active users. So we understand the vitality of it. We love it. But there are old-school ways that are equally relevant today.”

Prices for the perfume range from $86 (£65) to $100 (£75).

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