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Kenzo designers excited for H&M line

Kenzo designers excited for H&M line

Kenzo’s Carol Lim and Humberto Leon weren’t nervous when they signed on to collaborate with H&M.

It was announced on Wednesday (25May16) that the French fashion house is the latest luxury label to join forces with H&M. The Swedish high street retailer has attracted some of fashion’s biggest names for its collaborations, with the likes of Alexander Wang, Versace and Isabel Marant drawing in fashionistas. Fans are known to queue outside H&M stores for hours to get their hands on low cost designer goods, and Lim and Leon are confident their work won’t disappoint.

“No. We trust ourselves. And we trust each other,” Leon told H&M magazine on whether he felt anxious about delivering. “You know, I say, ‘What about this?’ And Carol is like, ‘Well, what if we did it this way?’ It’s us, feeding off of each other.”

“I can really say we don’t get nervous anymore,” Lim added. “We get excited - to start thinking, to start planning, to start asking ourselves, ‘Okay, so what do we want to talk about this time?’ What it comes down to is figuring out, okay, what message do we want to send with this collection?”

The pair has decided on telling the story of both Kenzo and H&M with their offering.

Lim and Leon, who also head up Opening Ceremony, were appointed Kenzo’s creative directors in 2011, and have been praised with bringing the brand back to the forefront of fashion. For their new partnership with H&M, Lim hopes the world of Kenzo will be opened up to a whole new audience.

“I think a dream customer is a new customer. We don’t have one girl in mind. And we never have. The more people that discover the brand and come to love the rich history behind the brand and what we’ve created - to us, that’s exciting,” she smiled.

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