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Kendall Jenner's close shave

Kendall Jenner's close shave

Kendall Jenner "cut her legs to shreds" when she shaved them dry.

The 20-year-old model is one of the most in-demand faces in the fashion industry thanks to her statuesque physique and gorgeous looks. Kendall rarely puts a foot wrong with her appearance, but has suffered her fair share of blunders, including when she tried to copy her older half-sister Kim Kardashian.

"I once walked in on Kim shaving her legs in the shower," she recalled to Britain's Look magazine. "I was only seven and I was like: 'When can I do that? I want to shave my legs.' And she was like: 'Not for a long time, Kendall.'

"A couple of days later I went and did it with her razor and without any soap or water. I cut my legs to shreds. That's probably the worst I've done, but I was like seven."

It seems the traumatic experience didn't put her off the method though, as last September (15) Kendall was caught in an Instagram video gliding a razor over her pins in a car between shows during New York Fashion Week.

While Kim's leg action may have caused some confusion, the reality star was able to pass on some valuable advice to her younger sibling.

"Kim always told me not to touch my face," Kendall recalled. "When I was 15/16, I had really bad acne and I just never touched it. I feel like if you have bad skin, then it will go away. So leave it be.

"And I watched my mom (Kris Jenner) wear foundation that was so much lighter than her skin tone, so make sure you get it right. I saw and learnt from her not to do that."

Kendall keeps her cosmetics natural most of the time, as she admits lip gloss or red lipstick are the only products she tends to carry about with her on a night out. To complete her look, she adds a spot of bronzer and a flick of mascara to add depth.

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