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Kendall Jenner: My designs are edgy

Kendall Jenner: My designs are edgy

Kendall Jenner wanted her second Topshop collection to have an "elegant and edgy vibe".

The top model and her reality TV star sister Kylie have debuted their new line for the famed retailer, which will be available in shops and online from 20 November (15). As the collection is just in time for Christmas there are many party looks, such as a silver mini skirt and black top with a keyhole cut-out, and Kendall wanted to offer looks which were festive but still with a high-fashion feel.

"We really wanted to showcase our personal style but mix it up with a holiday twist," the sisters told "The holidays are always so festive and of course you have to have the right wardrobe for every occasion. We wanted to design a special line of pieces that captures both an elegant and edgy vibe."

As well as inviting their fans to treat themselves to pieces from the range, the pair hope people will buy items as gifts too. They suggest any of the black options as perfect Christmas presents, explaining it's a colour which will always fit in well with a full wardrobe.

"They're super versatile and work for not only the holidays but basically every season," they explained. "Everyone looks good in a chic black top and trousers combo. The varsity jacket is a good gift for all of our friends!"

Anyone wanting to emulate their idols over Christmas is in luck too, as Kendall and Kylie happily chatted about the pieces they also bust out of the closet in December. Both suggest the holiday season is the perfect time for "metallics and shimmer", revealing: "It can be subtle, but anything that sparkles best captures the spirit of the holidays. Also, knits are perfect for Christmas. A cosy oversize sweater is a definite go-to."

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