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Kendall Jenner has haters to thank for modelling career

FashionBy Sunday World
Kendall Jenner has haters to thank for modelling career

Kendall Jenner believes her haters encouraged her to pursue a career in modelling.

The Victoria's Secret Angel, who got her white wings last month, believes she has vicious trolls to thank for her blossoming runway career because she was adamant she wouldn't let their hurtful jibes get to her or affect her dreams.

She said: "I think that's how my career got started in a way--like an 'I wanted to prove them wrong' kind of thing because no one ever thought I could do what I'm doing right now."

The 20-year-old beauty likes to engage with her fans by reading comments on social media but automatically switches off as soon as she sees a negative one.

Writing on her personal website, she explained: "I have to admit, I'll randomly catch myself looking at comments on Instagram and Twitter, but the second I see a mean one, I literally just put my phone away and forget about it. So in reality, I know it's not a bad photo, but someone's going to say something mean anyway. They're just bored. You just have to remember that it's them, not you."