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Keira Knightley never wore make-up until she started getting acne

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Keira Knightley never wore make-up until she started getting acne

Keira Knightley never wore make-up until she started getting acne.

The 31-year-old actress - who has been the face of the luxury designer brand Chanel's beauty campaigns - has admitted she only wore "smudgy" eyeliner when she was a teenager and no other cosmetic products until she began breaking out in spots.

Speaking about her beauty regime when she was younger, the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' star said: "I wore smudgy black eyeliner. And I didn't do anything with my skin until I started getting acne, at which point I did everything possible to get rid of it. I tried a million products, but none of them worked.

And the mother of one - who has 15-month-old daughter Edie with her husband James Righton - has revealed she battled with breakouts until she was 25.

She said: "I had bad skin up until I was 25. I later learned that it was more about diet and hormonal changes."

And Keira believes she is not a "sleek person" and rarely makes an effort on her daily beauty regime, although when she does she feels fake.

She explained: "I am not a sleek person in any way. When I look sleek, I feel like I'm pretending. Whenever I'm not filming though, I paint my nails with a bold Chanel colour and wear Chanel's Rouge Coco Stylo, it's my lip amour. It's the perfect pink shade, and has the texture of a lipstick, gloss and balm in one."

Meanwhile Keira - who won the Best Supporting Actress at the Hollywood Film Awards in 2014 for her role as Joan Clarke in 'The Imitation Game' - has been advised never to let a make-up artist near her eyebrows especially if they want to pluck the hairs out.

Speaking to InStyle about the best piece of advice she has ever received. She said: "I was told very early on that if a make-up artist tries to take your eyebrows off, that means he or she is absolute s***."