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Katy Perry has 'fun' with fashion

Katy Perry has 'fun' with fashion

Katy Perry has "so much fun" with her fashion.

The 'Roar' hitmaker has insisted she has very few fashion regrets because she never takes her style "too seriously" and just likes to be playful with her outfits.

Asked if she cringes at any of her past looks, she said: "I mean, things that are too tight where I look like I'm spilling out of them unnaturally aren't the greatest. But I just love playing, and I have so much fun, and I don't take myself too seriously in any regard. And I think people see that and you know what? I'm just laughing all the way."

The 30-year-old star continued to say she doesn't take any notice of people who criticise her clothes because she just loves embracing "unique offerings" which suit her own style.

She explained: "I mean, I don't always end up on the best-dressed list, but I sure as hell look like I'm having fun - and I am. I guess I just like unique offerings. I like when people present themselves with something unique. And it doesn't have to be labels, it could just be a sense of personal style."

And while Katy is known for her vibrant, eye-catching hair colours, she added her favourite shade is in fact a dark green.

Speaking about her hair, she told "I love all the colors, but I really like being able to rock that really grunge alternative green. And I really like matching my hair to the bottle today, but it's a wig."