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Katrantzou: London still excites me

Katrantzou: London still excites me

Mary Katrantzou feels like she's at the centre of creativity in London.

The Greek designer has been a resident in the British capital for more than a decade and shows biannually at London Fashion Week.

"I've lived in London for 12 years now and I love it because you feel like you're at the centre of everything creative," Mary smiled to Matches Fashion.

While her heart may be in the UK capital, Mary likes to jet off to the US when she can.

She's a big fan of California and loves taking in the sites when she's there.

"My favourite place to stay [In LA] is the Chateau [Marmont], I think just being able to relax by the pool and meeting friends, especially when you're in LA for only two days.

"I was actually there just after our show, and I went with my partner and we drove up Griffith Park to the Observatory. You go up to the terrace and you have the full view of LA and you see the Hollywood sign, and it's beautiful. I think there is no better view," she shared.

Texas is another favourite haunt for the designer, with the art scene and vintage stores the state's biggest draws.

"Dallas has great collections of art. Actually I was fortunate enough to see a lot of the private collections, but in terms of museums probably the DMA, just because the collection is so vast and diverse.

"[I also like] a place called Fort Worth, and they call it cowboy town. It's an amazing place where you find so many traditional shops that have been kept in time and amazing vintage stores," she revealed.

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