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Katie Eary recalls mother's creations

Katie Eary recalls mother's creations

Katie Eary’s school friends all lusted after the clothes her mother made her.

The British designer is synonymous with menswear creations as well as her work with Kanye West, and has always had a flair for fashion.

When she was a youngster, it was her mum who helped style Katie, with others keen to get their own handmade creations.

“We were very poor as kids and she used to make a lot of our clothes. At school everyone wanted at least one of the things she had made me,” Katie confessed to Hunger magazine.

These days Katie counts the likes of Rita Ora and Lady Gaga as fans.

Fellow British designer Phoebe English also told the publication the impact her mum had on her work.

Phoebe recently showcased her Autumn/Winter 15 collection at London Fashion Week and credits her childhood with shaping her career.

“From the moment I could hold a pencil my mum encouraged us to draw all over the walls of our house, no wall was out of bounds,” she smiled. “As the years went by and my sister was old enough to join in, a heavy almost mural like quality spread across all the rooms. The drawings stopped at about 4ft high as we were too small to reach any further.

“I will always be grateful to her for allowing me to draw at any moment of the day and also now for having a beautiful archive of all my childhood drawings and the memories attached to them.”

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