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Katie Eary: London fashion should slow down

Katie Eary: London fashion should slow down

Katie Eary thinks the London fashion scene is becoming oversaturated.

The British designer is based in the English capital and has become synonymous with quirky creations. During the most recent London Collections Men she got people talking with her My Little Pony T-shirts, which featured the horse with an enlarged penis.

While she thinks fashion in London is "madly creative", Katie is also worried that it could be at risk of drowning in new designers.

"I'd say it's a little bit oversaturated at the moment. I don't really like to say anything negative, because I love innovative, young creatives. But I think there is a bit of a danger of it getting oversaturated," Katie sighed to Cover Media.

"I think [it's a danger for existing designers], something's got to give because at the moment the only people that are profiting from this sheer amount of designers are people that hire out venues and trade shows. They don't care; you could travel to Shanghai and do a trade show and get nothing, but you've still got to pay for that venue. The venue is always the thing that costs the most. That probably sounds mental, but I've been thinking about it a hell of a lot lately."

On top of this danger, Katie doesn't think people have quite realised the issue yet. In her eyes the problem also lies with education, and the fact that people at university and college are being taught to be a brand.

"So when they come out of uni, they're a brand already. I think that straight away is going to make it quite difficult to get a job, because you're inflexible and it's all about you. Whereas when I graduated I was like I just want a job. But I was unemployable because my handwriting was so obvious it's me. So I just feel like it's kind of all turned on its head. It's really strange but who knows? I'm sure it will work itself out, but at the moment it can be a bit worrying," she confessed.

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