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Katie Eary: I can't escape myself!

Katie Eary: I can't escape myself!

Katie Eary uses fashion as an escape.

The British designer is known for her offbeat and quirky designs, debuting her infamous Pony penis T-shirt earlier this year.

Her former design partner Kanye West was even a fan of the garment, which featured a My Little Pony image with an enlarged anatomy.

"It's like I can't escape from myself. Sometimes I think right OK, I'm going to get serious this time. And then it just winds up a pony with a massive c**k and everyone's like, 'how did you get there?' I don't know!" Katie giggled to Cover Media.

"Because I try so hard to: 'I've got to do something commercial and blah, blah, blah'. And then I'm like argh!"

While Katie is a trailblazer in terms of trends, there are other fashion houses and designers she looks to.

Preferring vintage pieces to current designs, Katie had influences from the past when she came up with the Pony tee.

"I'm an old Moschino fan anyway, not talking current day, like old school. So as I was doing the graphic my boyfriend actually is a massive Mosch fan as well, was like, 'It needs a giant c**k' So I was like ok fine. I'd sent the print to him originally so I really quickly put it on, and he was like 'perfect!'" she recalled.

"The last time I spoke to [Kanye] I sent him the Pony. I sent him the Pony c**k just to see what he thought. I was like, 'What'd you think? Make sure you look at it twice, because when you first see it, you can't see it.' And he just wrote back, 'Hahaha. Love it'. So I was like 'OK, cool!'"

Katie and Kanye worked together on the rapper's DW Kanye West line.

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