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Katie Eary: Fashion never stops

Katie Eary: Fashion never stops

Katie Eary has to claw back profit after a catwalk show.

The British fashion designer rarely has any downtime, and goes from show to show alongside catering to her private clientele.

Luckily she's managed to grab a few weeks of rest recently, which allows to her to recharge and start plotting for next season.

"In order to make money I have to work, I have other clients. So it's straight from the catwalk to working with whomever it is at the time. Like churning it out, cramming it in - when you do shows, you basically drop sticks and just do that. And that's not really... that's all outgoings. So you have to quickly claw back those. So there's no real break. And then I usually start in March for June. So I have one month of hard core cramming it in. You've got orders on top of that, it's mental," she told Cover Media exclusively.

"August is the time for a bit of a break. It's nice to line up who do I want to work with? What do I want to do? Between now and the end of the August is a really lovely time for me."

Katie is enjoying her holiday from fashion, but she's well aware how intense work will be once she gets back into her studio.

And there’ll be barely any let up again until next summer - which makes the festive period a pretty miserable experience.

"Basically, on December 1 everyone closes their laptops and is like, 'I'm on holiday now,' and all fashion designers are like, 'Argh, I've got a show the first week of January'. So usually by New Year's Eve, I'm so miserable and stressed out. Christmas is ruined! I try my best more and more to be more organised, otherwise it's just horrible," she explained.

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