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Katie Eary: 'Everyone is doing unisex fashion now'

Katie Eary: 'Everyone is doing unisex fashion now'

Katie Eary finds that it's mostly women who buy her menswear clothes.

The British designer is known for her bold and fun designs, and has previously worked with Kanye West on his fashion offerings.

Because she incorporates a lot of colour and quirky motifs into her work, like flamingos and leopard print, Katie finds her menswear appeals to both sexes.

"All designers are doing it now - this unisex thing - but I've always been like that," she noted to Matches Fashion. "I've been doing it for about six to eight years. So I do my menswear drops, but it's women who mostly buy it - women just want what they can't have. I like to operate on that idea.

"If there's one woman who I always look at, at what she's wearing and think she looks amazing, that's Christine Centenera (fashion editor). That's how I want to be, but real life gets in the way. But if I go for a night out, that's sort of the goal. It's so lady, but it's sexy. That is basically my style."

As well her clothing collections, Katie has been known to team up with brands. In 2015 she joined forces with hair giant Fudge, creating a wacky kit bag complete with googly eyes and a tongue. She's also collaborated with Ikea in the last 12 months, working on a limited edition range soft furnishings and dinnerware.

"No, (I didn't see the brand going in this direction)," Katie previously told Cover Media. "It's just something that's happened. I think a lot of young designer collaborations are the future. Because you get to do... If I was to create that independently for myself, I wouldn't be able to retail it. it might cost a little amount for a company if you're ordering 500, but if you only sold 50 you might as well stop right there. So collaborations are the future, and I feel so lucky that I'm able to work with companies like Fudge."

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