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Kate Upton: Model houses are claustrophobic

Kate Upton: Model houses are claustrophobic

Kate Upton is relieved she never had to share a model house in America.

The 23-year-old star is one of the most in-demand faces in the industry, having sizzled for the likes of Sports Illustrated and Vogue Italia. She was signed in 2008 and eventually moved from Florida to New York City to pursue her dream, but she didn't go down the route of some wannabes.

"I never had to stay in a shared house in the States though - I've heard they squeeze, like, ten girls into one bedroom, literally," she marvelled to Hello! Fashion Monthly. "I can imagine that being quite miserable. But I used to stay in model apartments in Europe, with one or two roommates. We went to model castings together and it was a lot of fun."

Kate's career quickly took off and she's become known as the poster girl for curvy women.

As things happened so quickly she had to get used to jet-setting around the globe at a young age, something which has positive and negative points.

"I started working abroad when I was 15 and my mom and dad would often come. The thing is with modelling, you don't actually need someone there; it just gets lonely," she explained. "I pretty much had it under control because I travelled so much - land, go through customs, get in a taxi, go to the hotel, go to work... I had the whole thing down. But I'd get bored on the flights and it's not fun to hang out by yourself for days at a time. It can be a solitary profession."

It was all worth it and now Kate has many campaigns under her belt, including being the face of Bobbi Brown. Even though she had done many nearly nude shoots before working with the beauty company she was still really nervous, something which was made even worse when she suffered a breakout just before she was due on pose.

"I'm crazy when it comes to pimples. I could see a stranger in the street and I'd want to pop their pimple. So I popped one just before I went on set. Bobbi was like, 'What did you just do?' I definitely don't do that anymore!" she laughed.

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