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Kate Upton kicks butt during workouts

Kate Upton kicks butt during workouts

Kate Upton "works her ass off" to maintain her famous figure, according to her personal trainer.

The model-and-actress is engaged to her long time beau Justin Verlander, and with a wedding in the pipeline she's putting all of her energy into toning-up for her big day. Fitness fanatic Ben Bruno is helping her get into shape, and while a date for the nuptials is yet to be confirmed, he insists she's throwing herself wholeheartedly into their sessions.

"The main thing is that Kate enjoys pushing herself and she's very dedicated to it," he told E! News. "She definitely works her ass off. People who don't see the behind the scenes, they don't see what goes into her looking the way she looks. It's just good old fashion sweat. There is no magic in the programme we do or really any programme, it's just really consistency, it's hard work. It's focusing on your performance in the gym, focusing on actually getting stronger and being disciplined in your eating."

During their workouts the pair does cardio, and then mainly focuses on strength based circuit training involving weights. Ben says Kate works out anywhere between 60 minutes to two hours, five times a week, and he tries to encourage a healthy diet alongside her exercise.

"She eats very well most of the time. Sometimes she splurges and when she does she just picks back up and keeps going," Ben grinned. "She eats treats but it's just about moderation... I don't want people thinking it's a diet. I want them to think it's a lifestyle."

A normal meal for Kate, 23, would be full of protein, such as turkey meatballs or chicken with salad. The blonde beauty's enviable looks have seen her land the coveted Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover in 2012 and Ben is impressed with how hard she's working in the lead up to her ceremony with baseball player Justin, 33, noting she trains harder than just about any client he's ever had.

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