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Kate Moss 'went crazy on the crisps'

Kate Moss 'went crazy on the crisps'

Kate Moss "demolished" some crisps before her infamous plane meltdown earlier this month.

The 41-year-old supermodel had been on holiday with a group of friends to celebrate Sadie Frost's upcoming 50th birthday and was flying back to London Luton airport when the incident occurred.

Kate was said to have become irate about the lack of food on the plane and so made a fuss, plus she started drinking her own alcohol. She was met from the plane by police, although no further action was taken.

Now British magazine Heat has spoken to sisters Ella and Tia Thorne, who were seated just one row behind Kate on the easyJet flight.

"They didn't have any sandwiches, so Kate got some Pringles and started shoving them in her mouth. She demolished them," Tia laughed to the publication. "She seemed satisfied, but then she spotted the staff eating pasta and got irate. She bellowed, 'It's f**king alright for them to eat pasta when we're hungry.' Loads of people laughed. The shout woke our dad up - he was not happy. Kate was a real diva, there were no pleases and thank yous, but the whole situation was hilarious."

Kate and her group had been at The LifeCo for a retreat they go on each year. It's a way for them to put wellness first and they detox while there, meaning they have a lot of green drinks and colonics.

It seems the star was ready to get back in the partying game on the way home.

"Kate looked tipsy when she got on the plane," Ella said. "She sat with two friends and made full use of the drinks trolley until they stopped serving her. She didn't seem annoyed - she just pulled a bottle of vodka from her bag and knocked it back. She was so drunk."

The story hit headlines around the world, even though Kate wasn't arrested. Others on board the plane have suggested the action taken was disproportionate to the model's behaviour, as she wasn't rude or obnoxious and was just having fun with her pals. They are even said to have played hairdressers with a little girl who was sitting near them.

It seems Kate was so unassuming, Ella and Tia weren't even aware who she was at first.

"When we saw the news the next day, we were like, 'Oh my god - there's that drunk woman from the plane,'" Ella admitted.

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