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Kate Moss tapped as face of Charlotte Tilbury perfume

Kate Moss tapped as face of Charlotte Tilbury perfume

Kate Moss has been selected by Charlotte Tilbury to front her new perfume campaign.

The British supermodel stars in the adverts for Scent of a Dream - famed make-up artist Charlotte’s first-ever fragrance. In photos taken by Solve Sundsbo, the 42-year-old is seen posing in a light pink Chloe dress with her blonde hair styled into gentle waves, holding a yellow daisy up to her face as she gazes into the distance while sitting in a field.

Of the new venture, the make-up maven told that the perfume, which is housed in a flacon in the style of an alchemist’s potion bottle, fits into her mission to “bring glamour back” into women’s lives by channelling an unabashed femininity. She adds that the fragrance has been formulated to generate “an emotional pathway to the brain and to the sex receptors,” and has notes of amber and fire-tree, which is blended with striking bursts of more traditional florals like rose, tuberose and jasmine.

As a long-time friend of Charlotte’s, Kate shares that she received the perfume’s first sample and remains a big fan. She reveals that she has an indulgent application style when it comes to wearing scent too. “I spray myself in the misting way that Marilyn Monroe used to spray a halo around her. There is an old-school drama to it,” explained Kate.

With regards to her new product line, Charlotte shares that it was a natural progression for her as she used to enjoy concocting her own scents by mixing oils and essences when she was growing up. And over the years she claims to have encountered many “perfume stalkers” who have desperately asked her to tell them the name of the perfume she wears. “People always wanted to know what I was wearing,” she smiled.

Charlotte, who also works with the likes of Liv Tyler and Nicole Kidman, launched her eponymous make-up collection in 2013, following demand for her Magic Cream, a formula she made herself which quickly became a favourite among models and celebrities.

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