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Kate Moss' style was inspired by Mick Jagger

Kate Moss' style was inspired by Mick Jagger

Kate Moss' style was inspired by Mick Jagger.

The 42-year-old supermodel - who began her modelling career in 1988 when she was scouted by Storm Models at the young age of 14 - has admitted she idolised men's dress sense in the seventies, and looked to Rolling Stones' lead singer and the late musician Marc Bolan for fashion inspiration.

Speaking to Marie Claire about her style muse, the blonde beauty - who has boasted a successful career at the helm of the modelling industry spanning over three decades - said: "I quite like the way men dressed in the 70s dressed Mick Jagger and Marc Bolan. They're quite feminine but still with a tomboyish look, which I quite liked."

And the mother of one - who has daughter Lila Grace Moss Hack, 13, with her ex-partner Jefferson Hack - counts the 72-year-old Italian actress Anita Pallenberg as her beauty icon.

She explained: "I think Anita Pallenberg - I love the way she looked the '60s."

However, Kate has not only copied the singer songwriter's wardrobe choices but has also emulated their rock star habits, which saw her discard her leather jacket because she didn't think it belonged to her.

She explained: "I threw it [a leather jacket] out of a window once - by accident. Well, I thought it was my boyfriends."

Kate - who has fronted campaigns for luxury designer brands Burberry, Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel - has revealed she finds her favourite outfit, which is a pair of jeans paired with a simple t-shirt, "boring".

Speaking about her favourite garments and make-up trends, she said: "So boring but an old black t-shirt with jeans.

"I either go for a smoky eye or a strong lip."

Meanwhile, the English catwalk icon's mother Linda didn't believe her daughter was photogenic when she was younger, and is surprised by Kate's success.

Speaking previously, Kate said: "My mum always said I wasn't photogenic.

"It was all very unexpected for them, and now she's like, 'Oh you're still working aren't you?'"