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Kate Moss: Planes are peaceful

Kate Moss: Planes are peaceful

Kate Moss finds flying "relaxing".

The supermodel is always jet-setting as part of her job, which means she's racked up some serious air miles. While many complain that travelling is tiring and mundane, the 41-year-old is more than happy to get on board.

"I love flying. I find it really relaxing - no phone, a movie, a glass of wine and some salad. Perfect! I always take a cashmere blanket with me and make sure I have family pictures with me in my passport holder," she smiled to British magazine InStyle.

No doubt the snaps include her husband Jamie Hince and her 12-year-old daughter Lila, who she has from a previous relationship. She describes the pre-teen as her perfect travel companion and already has some ideas up her sleeve for their next trip.

"[Designer] Stuart Weitzman does this cool thing with his kids, which I want to do with Lila," she explained. "You pick a number at random out of a hat and then pick the corresponding number on the departure board. Then you just go wherever it says. Brilliant!"

If they do go away, Lila needs to be prepared for some baggage, as her supermodel mother does not travel light. While she doesn't think she "over packs", it's a minimum of two suitcases for the catwalk queen.

"If the plane lost all my luggage and I was somewhere sunny like Ibiza, I would just get a bikini, shorts, T-shirt and sandals. If it was somewhere colder like New York, I'd go for jeans, jacket and a pair of Louboutins," she mused.

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