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Kate Moss has a 'hypnotic power'

Kate Moss has a 'hypnotic power'

Kate Moss has a "hypnotic power", according to Charlotte Tilbury.

The British make-up artist - who launched her first fragrance called Scent of a Dream last month, which sees the 42-year-old supermodel front the beauty campaign - has praised Kate for her personality and has admitted the blonde beauty has an "incredibly powerful aura".

Speaking to The Telegraph newspaper about the partnership with Kate - who has 13-year-old daughter Lila with her former partner Jefferson Hack - Charlotte said: "Kate Moss is so beguiling and she has an incredibly powerful aura - she's sexy, she's beautiful and that love of life just emanates from her.

"When she walks into a room she is literally able to change the frequency of that room. I've seen her on so many occasions. And you know, she walks in and she has this hypnotic power."

And the flame-haired beauty mogul has revealed Kate was the only star she wanted to be the face of the perfume because she embodies the "same energy" Charlotte intended to evoke from the new product.

She explained: "For me not only does she have one of the most beautiful faces in the world but she really kind of has that same energy I would really want to elicit in the scent. There was no other person for me who would be able to understand that or create that.

"Ultimately this scent is affecting how this sense if affecting your mind; amplifying your sense of attraction, your key to attraction; your magnetic pull on the world is kind of amazing to me."

And the entrepreneur has admitted she danced with the catwalk icon whilst shooting the campaign.

She said: "She really was genuinely herself like you couldn't see but I was dancing with her. She was dancing in the middle and I was there dancing, going wild with her and it was really, really fun.

"You never see Kate like that, that's Kate behind closed doors. You know with Kate it's every professional but she let totally go in that situation. It was very intimate directed by one of her best friends, my nieces were in the video, lots of my family friends were in the video that have known Kate from the start. You could feel that real freedom, that real expression and happiness."