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Kate Moss' fake tan fail

Kate Moss' fake tan fail

Kate Moss' first brush with fake tan left her with white feet and orange legs.

The 41-year-old model's effortless style has caused her to become the envy of women all over the world. But Kate hasn't always been as perfectly polished as she looks now, revealing, just like everyone else, she had her fair share of beauty blunders when she was a girl.

"I experimented with self-tan when it first came out. I was really young and ended up leaving my socks on. The result was orange legs from the ankles up, and white feet - nice!" she laughed to British magazine Marie Claire. "I was too scared to do it again for a while after that. I imagine Lila [Kate's daughter] might also have one or two experiences like that one day."

Nowadays the model has realised what suits her and so sticks to a tried-and-tested formula. That's especially the case with her skincare, which Kate believes is worth investing in once you find your perfect product.

"I know what works for me. When it comes to my skin, it's always Crème de la Mer. I like trying other products, but I find this brand is the most enriching for my complexion. I use the original cream at night, because it's slightly heavier, and throughout the day I apply The Moisturizing Soft Cream," she explained.

Similarly, there are some make-up items that the star couldn't be without. They include pieces from her cosmetics range with Rimmel, with one of the lipsticks Kate's go-to red.

She favours that colour when she's heading out for evening, as it makes her feel instantly done. Getting dressed up remains something which Kate loves, especially as she enjoys seeing what her friends have opted for.

"I love the whole process of dressing up, getting ready with the girls and seeing what everyone else has come up with. It's fun when we all make an effort. Jamie [Hince, her husband] is quite good at just going into his wardrobe and coming out minutes later with an amazing outfit," she marvelled.

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